Tales from Mamaville

Tales from Mamaville is a public diary of a first-time mum. There’s everything from random thoughts to researched data, first-time experiences and lightbulb realisations to confessions, trials and tribulations. It’s about the adventures (and misadventures), insanity and ultimate contentment of being a mother.|nl||nl|There’s also a sprinkling of tips n’ tricks (to keep baby happy and mum sane), product reviews and the odd recipe. The blog is honest, comical and borderline satirical (every mum needs a bit of dark humour to survive) and hopes to bring a smile (or smirk) to a tired mum’s face.|nl||nl|As Little Man (my son and the protagonist of this blog) toddles around innocently, learning the ways of the world, I realise I am learning so much more. About motherhood and toddlerhood… and everything in between. Read on and join me on my journey as I go from rookie mom to a been-there-done-that kind of mom. Or as I try to, at least.