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Framed Memories

LionsHome Blog

A picture is worth a thousand words, so goes the famous saying. Today the world is driven by taken pictures, here picture there. Holding onto an important point in time to reflect upon the memories ...

When old meets new

LionsHome Blog

Lampshades have been around for centuries. Previously used to light up the streets during the night. Afterwards, Lampshades were used to diffuse the intensity of the light that was emitted from the ...

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Minimalist Skincare Regimen

Soph‘s Choices

I'm on the path to living more minimally and mindfully and whilst I'm pursuing this lifestyle I come across new areas of my life that could do with a little more editing. And recently my skincare regimen has been under the microscope.When it comes to using a skincare product, I have a little checklist before purchasing (or DIYing):do I recognise all of the ingredients?is every ingredient b

Weleda Insight Day*

Coco Butter Blog

Last month I was invited to attend the Weleda Insight Day at the Weleda headquarters which, I never knew, was just down the motorway from me in Ilkeston. There was an audience of bloggers, Weleda therapists and other professionals and we were welcomed with a quick talk about the brand and their ethos. Weleda is a natural skincare brand (I reviewed their One Step Cleanser and Toner back in April)

My Top 10 Most Used Makeup of 2016 So Far!

Chloe, xo

I have tried out so many makeup products this year so far. I have had a lot sent to me for review, which means I have fallen in love with so many new products. I am going to share today my top 10 most reached for products so far. These all live in my daily makeup bag, and I honestly don‘t have anything bad to say about them! They are all amazing and I would highly recommend them all! I have review

Name That! Review

Two Little Paines

As a family we love games, both my two and my nieces enjoy being competitive (not as much as me!) and as a boring/moany old lady now I especially love games that don’t take up an excessively large amount of space. So, when we were sent a copy of Name That from Megableu, both my competitive streak and my liking for compact games were satisfied. Name That consists of 50 circular cards and a set o

Nature, design & bereavement


Going to places where we feel most connected to the earth is therapeutic – somewhere we can walk, run, cry, talk and just be ourselves. A couple of years ago I designed the interior of a bereavement room for mothers ... Read More...

Greenwich Park | Making memories


                      We’ve decided it’s time we put down the iphones (not for long though – Pokemon to catch and all that!) and take our proper cameras out and about. I want to have some beautiful pictures to look back on in years to come and I also want to share them with you!  So this is my first ‘making

Family Friendly Fun In Amsterdam

Mother Distracted

There‘s no denying that Amsterdam is a beautiful city.  It is one of the largest historical city centres in Europe and has over 50 museums.  You may know Amsterdam best for its vibrant nightlife but there is plenty to do on your family holiday.Here are just a few of the things on our family bucket list.MuseumsPopular with kids is the Tropenmuseum (the Tropical Museum) where the displays

Cake = Happiness (Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review)

Life is Knutts

When I was contacted recently to see if I would like to review a cake, what do you think my response was? That’s right, I told them I hate cake and that I’ve never eaten… View Post
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