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Commitment-Free Indoor Garden

LionsHome Blog

They say that you should breath in the good vibes and breath out the bad vibes into plants; it's a nice, cycling exchange of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and healthy for the mind and soul. But, ...

Let There Be Light

LionsHome Blog

Waking up from the soft sunlight radiating through your curtains and window is such a wonderful feeling to start the day- curtains help make waking up a much more pleasant experience. Sheer curtains ...

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NCC Home Learning Online Courses

MakeUp Fun

NCC Home learning is a platform where you can learn some interesting subjects at your own pace.Their courses range from beauty to marketing, mental health, languages and so on.You can learn at home something that will be useful to your career. You have the chance to develop what you like and build your future.I think it's always a bonus if you keep learning new skills in your life!The 350+ NCC

Three Must Have Drugstore Foundatins

Lisa‘s World

Affordable makeup is something that everyone loves and I am no different. I do love to spend a few long minutes at Superdrug or Boots looking for great drugstore products and I have browsed and tried many different foundations but there are three that I absolutely adore and always go back to.I really don't remember if I have already done a post like this one but, honestly, it doesn't even

The 5 Ps of Reading

The Adventures of Meemoo and Pook

The 5 Ps of reading, I know normally you hear about the 3 Rs but to teach your child to read at home what you really need is Phonics Perserverance Patience Practice Participation Pook will not learn to read in English at school, in Luxembourg they do not learn to read until they are nearly 7 and then it is German. So I have made the decision to teach her to read in English myself. It is vital t

Canon EOS 100D Test Shots

Darriyan Cateland

A few days ago, I picked up my brand new Canon Camera. I spent all day taking pictures and trying to get used to the settings! I'm so excited to start shooting properly with this and seeing what gorgeous snaps I can get! I couldn't wait to share some of my favourite shots with you. Please let me know what you think below! Please bear in mind all of these images are not photoshopped or edit

Tony Chaaya Collection 2016

Upon A Thread

The post Tony Chaaya Collection 2016 appeared first on Upon A Thread. Tony Chaaya’s talent must surely be that he enhances every woman’s self-confidence! Simple with a classical… View Post The post Tony Chaaya Collection 2016 appeared first on Upon A Thread.

Dating Before And After A Baby

Growing The Bump

On an actual date. On our own. Talking about the baby of course! Dates before a baby: ‘Hey wanna go out somewhere tonight?’ ‘Sure, what shall we do?’ ‘Let’s just decide later, we’ll go out about eight.’ Start getting ready about six, wash hair leisurely, maybe use that nice new hair mask you got. Blow dry it then style it nicely. Spend a while pickin


Life is Knutts

“Today, let’s be adventurers…” I love family time. Ok, let me elaborate, not the kind of family time I spend cooking, cleaning, washing, wiping toilets and pooey bottoms, I mean quality family time, like going for… View Post

My Little Box - Friends Edition August 2016

Christie‘s Lifestyle

This box marks the last ‘My Little Box’ from Kim at Romanovs Views for my birthday gift and the theme couldn’t have been more perfect or ideal. This month’s theme was ‘friendship’ – how apt! Once again this was a fantastic box with lots of goodies – onto the review!Firstly I received this nail kit which retails at £7.50. I love the summery fun design of the case which also fits in
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