Terms and Conditions

LionsHome.co.uk - hereinafter "LionsHome" - is operated by LionsHome GmbH. The following terms and conditions apply to the use and operation of LionsHome.

1. Product Search
LionsHome provides the users of this page free product presentations on various topics and a free search function to find products from our affiliated shops. The product index is created by automated methods and is not subject to editorial control of LionsHome.

LionsHome itself is not a merchant or seller of goods. Product information made available on this website is not an offer by LionsHome. By taking advantage of this offer, no contractual commitments with regard to the products are established with LionsHome. In particular, no sales contracts are concluded with LionsHome. LionsHome directs the user to supply sites of the seller. It is up to the user to examine the relevant information required for the conclusion of the contract and the validity with the corresponding dealers.

2.Search results / product information
The contents and arrangement of the results of the search engines are recorded and compiled by automated methods. LionsHome strives to keep this information as current as possible. For technical reasons, an update in real time is not possible. Prices, shipping costs and / or offer information may change and have possibly increased.

Defining the sort order is solely at the discretion of LionsHome. The sorting of results may occur on foot of different sorting and quality factors and may possibly be influenced by paid commissions by sellers. LionsHome assumes no liability or guarantee for the quality and accuracy of the sorting of search results.

The content and prices in the LionsHome search results are provided by third parties. LionsHome has no influence on these contents and does not review this.

LionsHome assumes no warrant or liability, guarantee or other responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or validity or other properties of the content. In particular, no guarantee is given that the products can be actually acquired at the conditions displayed in the search.

Liability claims against LionsHome, based on material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or by the use of faulty or incomplete information are excluded, provided there is no intent or gross negligence on behalf of LionsHome..

All brands and trademarks mentioned and possibly protected by third parties are subject to applicable trademark law and the ownership rights of the copyright owner.

3. Right of use
The information and offers advertised on LionsHome is exclusively private personal information. An (electronic) storage or further processing of that content is not permitted. In particular, it is also not allowed to transmit automated requests to this system.

4. Liability
LionsHome accepts no guarantee for the function, quality, reliability or retrieval speed of the service. LionsHome reserves the right to, without giving any reason or prior notice, cease operation or modify the service to modify or to exclude individual users from using the service.

Claims for damages by the user are excluded unless otherwise specified below. This also applies to the legal representatives and agents of LionsHome.

Excluded from the liability disclaimer are liability claims for damages due to injury to life, limb, health, and claims for damages for breach of contract. Material contractual obligations are those whose performance is necessary for the attainment of the objective of the contract. Also excluded from the liability disclaimer are liability for damages based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by LionsHome, their legal representatives, or agents. Provisions of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected.

4.1 Links to other websites and third party content
LionsHome has no influence on the design, quality or content of link offers and internet pages and therefore assumes no liability, warranty or guarantee or other responsibility for such offers.

LionsHome assumes no responsibility or liability, guarantee or other responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, any changes of or other properties of the third party content (e.g. product information or prices).

5. Data protection policy
You will find our privacy policy here.

6. Final provisions
German law is to exclusively be the legal basis, the CISG does not apply.

DUsers cannot transfer rights and obligations under this contract.

Should the provider change the terms and conditions, the user has one month to object to the following notification of change.

If the user objects in due time, LionsHome is entitled to extraordinary terminate the contractual relationship without notice. It should be noted that, the right of appeal and that the change in the terms and conditions valid at the beginning of the month following the term expiration are valid if the user does not submit an objection within the given time limit. In any cases of deviation from the English language terms of use, the English version shall prevail.

Last Amendment: 14.05.2014